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Residential Compliance FAQs

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How do I know which climate zone my project is in?

The Energy Commission’s Climate Zone Page provides several methods for determining which climate zone your project is in.

How do I know whether an appliance or device I am considering has been approved by the California Energy Commission?

Certification to the Energy Commission is required for certain products to be used in a Building Energy Efficiency Standards-compliant project. To see whether a products you are considering has been certified to the Energy Commission, visit the Commission’s Appliance Efficiency Database.

I am reroofing a house. Which forms will I need to submit?

You will need to submit both the CF-1R-ALT form (only complete the “General Information” box on Page 1, the “Roofing Products” table on Page 3, and the signature boxes on Page 5) and the MF-1R form.

I will be installing a new air conditioner or furnace in my house. What forms will my licensed C-20 contractor need to submit? Does the installation need to be verified by a HERS rater?

The contractor will need to submit the CF-1R-ALT-HVAC form for the appropriate climate zone and the MF-1R form. The installation may need to be verified by a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) rater; refer to the Residential Compliance Manual, Section 8.4.2.

What is Joint Appendix JA4, and where can I find it?

Joint Appendix JA4 contains insulation values for building materials that must be used in compliance calculations. It can be found in the 2008 Reference Appendices.

What is Package D, and where can I find it?

Package D is the standard design package that prescribes the minimum energy efficiency requirements for a home. Package D is found in Table 151-C of the 2008 Building Energy Efficiency Standards.

When can I use electric resistant heating?

Electric resistant heating can be used when there is no gas available to the home, when the existing system is electric resistant heating (even if gas is available), or when using the performance compliance method.

Where do I find the forms I need to demonstrate compliance with the residential requirements of the 2008 Building Energy Efficiency Standards?

The residential forms are available for download here.

Which forms are required to be submitted with the application for a building permit?

Every residential construction project will require the appropriate CF-1R form and the Mandatory Measures List (MF-1R) form. The project often will require other forms and worksheets when applicable; refer to the Residential Compliance Manual, Section 2.3 (Table 2-1).

Who can sign a form as the Designer or Documentation Author?

Section 2.4 of the 2008 Residential Compliance Manual details who may sign a form as a Designer or Documentation Author.

Whom can I hire to do an energy rating of my home?

You can hire a HERS Rater, trained by CalCERTS, which has been certified by the Energy Commission to conduct California whole-house ratings. You can find a list of certified HERS Raters through CalCERTS

Whom can I hire to help with completing these forms?

energlo24 is a Certified Energy Plans Examiner and has performed several thousands of Title 24 calculations throughout the state of California.


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