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California Title 24 Compliance

Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations, known as the California Building Standards Code or just “Title 24,” contains the regulations that govern the construction of buildings in California. Information on locating or purchasing any part of Title 24, can be found at the California Building Standards Commission (CBSC) website.

The 2013 edition of the California Building Standards Code (Title 24) became effective on July 1, 2014.  Projects submitted to DSA on or after this date must be designed and constructed in compliance with the 2013 edition of Title 24.

All approved supplements and errata to the 2013 edition Title 24 are available online at the CBSC website. Supplements are applicable to any project submitted to DSA on or after the effective date of the supplement.

Note:  In November 2009, the California Building Standards Commission approved and adopted the 2010 edition of Title 24. The new regulations will be made available to the public in July of 2010 and will be effective in January 2011.

Title 24 is composed of 12 “parts,” described here.

What is Title 24?

Why is Title 24 necessary? The benefits of savings and energy cost reduction are significant by upgrading your inefficient home or commercial building structure.

GreenPoint Rating

Green Building Codes assure efficient, healthy, comfortable and environmentally friendly home living.

HERS Verification

Registration with CalCERTS is required if your Title 24 compliance report is in need of HERS verification before your plan permit approval. We recommend B-Green for a residential HERS Rater.

HERS Verification is required when your project’s energy compliance needs to meet or exceed the Title 24 California Code of Regulations, with higher efficiency, in HVAC duct testing, quality insulation, house wrap, conditioned ducts and verifying the EER or TXV.

Energy Compliance Forms

Download the 2008 California energy compliance forms for:

If your project is minimal and can be performed under the prescriptive package methods, and you wish to fill these out yourself, you can download all the necessary forms for your addition or alteration in a ready-to-fill-out .PDF format.

California 2008 Standards

In 2010, California made it mandatory for all residences and commercial non-residences to implement the 2010 building codes in all newly constructed, alterations, remodels and existing-plus-additional structures for code compliance with state regulation building standards.

Title 24 Sample Reports

Our sample reports for Title 24 performance and prescriptive methods in residential and commercial non-residential projects: